Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue and Red Abstract Horse

I sold the original painting (left) a while ago but changed the colors with photoshop to show someone how this would look to match their color scheme.  In all honesty I could paint this faster than I can fiddle with photo shop!  :)  I thought it was fun to see these side by side. 

Sue Steiner
equine and animal artist

Sunday, March 28, 2010

About the Artist

I am a free lance artist with a studio in the Canton Arts District above the amazing Second April Art Galerie!   If you are in the area please stop by!

My 'offical' web site can be viewed here at  

I also have an interactive pet blog at  with places to share photos, animal stories, tributes or participate in contests.

I  enjoy being able to do these fun abstract pieces inbetween commissions.  I think the key to keeping fresh in my art is being able to do the experimental fun stuff you see here.  I appreciate your interest and support.

Painting Ponies

I did this painting as a commission last year.  This was a fun piece because I completely let this one develop with no preconcieved ideas... other than knowing it was to have a horse theme.  I painted an underpainting and then stepped back to look for the horse.  Not only did one horse 'pop' but several did.  I then painted around them.  I called this Painted ponies because one of the horses began to look like an Indian's painted pony.  rahter than sign it with my name I signed it with a hand print. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Abstract Figurative Oil Painting

16 x 20 on harboard painted with palette knife,  thick lucious paint in multiple layers

$175.00 plus shipping

Thank you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

White Fantasy Horse in Oils

Now this is better!  20 x 24 on gallery wrapped canvas.  Signed original equine art by Sue Steiner. 

20 x 24 original oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas- no framing necessary

This is now part of The Turning Point Art Exhibit at Second April Art Galerie.  Sales or inquiries must go thru them. 

Thank you!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

'White Horse Fantasy' painting in Oils
(either my photo editing program or blogger is playing games on me because this photo will not rotate.  sigh.... turn your head sideways????  sorry!!  I'll come back to it and maybe the computer will cooperate.)
This painting was done during Canton's First Friday.  The crowds were out in full force and had a beautiful, clear, mild night.  This painting was inspired by my horse who I rescued last year, almost a year ago.  It is so nice to see her healthy and happy.  I have a bit of painting still to do on this but I want to keep it loose with an ethereal  feel to it.  I will add a paypal button after I complete this.  To read about this horse go to  Thanks!