Rescue Horses

Proceeds from this sale will be going toward my new Rescue horse 'Rhythm'. Rhythm was rescued from the killer pen at the New Holland Auction in Pa. with thanks to the rescue facebook friends! Thank you! New artwork featuring Rhythm coming soon!

In addition to Rhythm, Darcy has come to live in my barn and pasture.  She also is a rescue horse although it still baffles me how she ended up in this downward spiral of horse auctions to be one step away from going to slaughter!  She just turned 5 and is a registered QH mare.  She's a big, athletic girl with the personality of a puppy dog-- a sweeter horse can't be found I don't think.  She came to me fairly beat up and quite terrified but she has a forgiving heart.  Besides the scar above her left eye and a few surface scars from being banged up she is none the worse for wear and tear.  I will show you her 'before' and 'after' pics below.


I have two other horses, arabians that look like bookends.  They are both chestnut and have almost identical markings.  I've had my mare since birth after rescuing the dam and I got the gelding 3 yrs ago.  They both are full of personality and lots of fun.

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