Golden Boy, in Oils

This richly textured, slightly abstract, brightly colored golden boy is representative of a horse I was helping to save from the kill pen at a horse auction.  He will soon be on his way to a new home in sunny Florida so I thought it was fitting to celebrate that with this sunny painting.  See if you can find the 'angel' in the painting... as I was painting the abstract background an angel like figure appeared so I kept it in. 

This piece is part of my new Save A Face project that I am starting up.  Artwork sold will benefit horse rescues that work to save horses from slaughter.  As an avid horsewoman it pains me to think of all the horses who meet their demise in this way.  If you feel the same, or just like the art, please consider purchasing this or others being sold regularly on e-bay.   You can search on e-bay 'Save a Face', artbysuesteiner2010 or follow this link

Thank you!
Sue Steiner


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